Lipids Decoded

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Lipids Decoded is the first online course to teach the fixed oils. Fixed oils are made up predominantly of fatty acids, and, when you grasp the fatty acids and their relative proportions in the oils you’ll begin to unlock the secrets the of the oils.

The more I learn about the oils, the easier it is to create, blend, substitute and formulate with all kinds of exotic oils and butters. This course will give you those skills and confidence. Imagine, just as you reach for olive oil in the kitchen you’ll easily be reaching for marula oil or baobab oil in the workspace.
After my book, Power of the Seed went to the publishers three years ago, I started working on a method to teach the fixed oils so that the chemistry would come alive. This is that class, and the first course to teach these building blocks of the oils in a memorable way.

I absolutely love teaching this course and I look forward to the chance to share it with you!

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